We're more than a gym!

The Vision that led to the creation of the KPfit Wellness Studio was to provide a place for people to exercise their mind, body and soul in a space that allows them to feel like they are working out in their own home. ‎Our new studio provides the necessary tools to get in shape while keeping the warm country feel and family like atmosphere.

Offering the latest in CORE spinning on our new Schwinn AC pro bikes, we have added two Certified CORE instructors with Andree Markell and Catherine McDonnell to be able to keep up with the demand. We provide a strength and flexibilty module as well that uses our free weights, to the latest in multi gym and leg workout machines. In essence we provide a full body workout with expertly trained staff at affordable pricing. As we have grown over the last year we have expanded to provide Yoga with Sarah Millar, a new state of the art Infared Sauna and more exciting things to come!

KP Fit, Gym, Fitness, Cornwall, Ontario What sets KPfit apart from our competition is that we have our instructors right there every step of the way creating personalized workouts for people of every age and level of experience. It's almost like having a personal trainer with you all the time at a fraction of the price in our group sessions. When KPfit was created it was designed to do what the big box gyms can't do and that's provide a place for you to come work out that you don't feel intimidated, judged or self concious.

KPfit saw a need for personalized training as well and offers one on one training at below market rates as well as group rates for teams and couples. Being small allows us to cater to everyone's needs in the best possible way and gives you the personal touch that you don't get with other locations.

Come try out our facilities free for the first time and see what the buzz is all about, we guarantee you won't be disappointed.